Question me!

Since my biography of Joseph Pilates has been published by Herder-Verlag in September, people keep asking questions about historical details of Joseph Pilates’ life. There are many tales about him that I don’t mention in my book. When Marjolein van Sonsbeek asked me, if I would like to blog on, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity: From now on I will be answering one of these interesting questions every week.

The first post is dealing with the question: Did Joseph Pilates suffer from asthma?

Please read my post and tell me whether you agree or not! I’m looking forward to a lively discussion! I also want to invite you to ask your own questions: via comment, on Facebook or just email me  at

2 thoughts on “Question me!”

  1. I am doing some research on Joseph. I understand Joseph Pilates was a Freemason in New York. Is there any evidence that you know of that he ever worked as a mason while in Germany?


    1. Hi Barbara, thank you for your question! Joseph Pilates never worked as a mason – he was a trained brewer and worked in this job. I didn’t find evidence of him being a member of a lodge of Freemasons while he was in Germany either, but it is very likely that he first got in touch with the ideas of Freemasonry while he was interned on the Isle of Man. It’s an interesting topic, so I decided to write a post on it and i hope to publish it next week. Best wishes, Eva


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