Gifts for Pilates-Fans

Every year around the middle of December it suddenly comes to my mind: in less than two weeks it will be Christmas and I haven’t bought a single present… Does that sound familiar? I hope not! But just in case I have arranged my Top-Five-Christmas-Gift-Ideas for Pilates-Fans. So that you can lean back and relax instead of hunting through online stores for hours.  I hope you will find something useful!


Number 1: the documentary “Tribute to Joseph Pilates”. On Vimeo you can buy the movie for streaming (48 hours) or download it. Interested? Have a look at the Trailer or read the Interview with producer Glaucia Adriana.




Number 2 – A one year subscription for Pilates Style Magazine. There is a new issue every two months featuring interesting reports, interviews and many great pictures covering everything that relates to Pilates. They publish great articles about the history of Joseph Pilates and his method.



Number 3: Joseph Pilates’ book “Return to Life Through Contrology” is a must have for every Pilates enthusiast! Beautiful pictures of Joe demonstrating his exercises (taken by George Hoyningen-Huene). I recommend the edition published by the PMA.






Number 4: Elegant pictures of Carola Strauss-Trier demonstrating Reformer exercises. She was the first pupil of Joseph Pilates who opened her own studio. In  Jillian Hessel’s online store you can order prints of these wonderful pictures, and the dvd of the documentary “Carola Shares” for those who want to learn more about Carola’s work is also available .


20161212_115238 Number 5:  For those who can read German. What about a biography of Joseph Pilates, signed by the author? For only  24,99 Euro with no additional shipping costs I will send the book with a personal dedication to wherever you live. Just write an email to evarincke[at]!

If there will be no time left for shipping from Europe, just order here😉

I hope you found everything you need – now it’s time to turn on some nice music and enjoy!


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